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Carpet Maintenence: The magic of the wand

  Even if your carpet looks just a little dirty on top, it's much more  soiled deep down.  However, regular professional cleaning can maintain the beauty, luster, color, and texture of your carpet - so you can continue to enjoy it year after year!  And, we can also  dramatically improve older, worn, and heavily soiled carpet as well!  All  carpets are not the same! Carpet care is our business and so we understand that each fiber must be cleaned in a specific way. We have the training, expertise and experience, to clean your carpets for best appearance and long life!  Our cleaning process removes fiber damaging abrasive soils from your  carpet. In fact, the major carpet mills recommend - and in some cases require, hot water extraction cleaning every 12 to 18 months in order to maintain their carpets and protect their warranties!  Regular professional cleaning can maintain - and even restore the stain resistant properties of your carpet.  If the carpet you have is not stain-resistant, we can actually add this wonderful protection!    

Tips: Secrets from the lamp

  • Wearing clean rubber-soled shoes (i.e. sneakers, slippers, flip-flops) will help to keep oil and dirt from getting on your carpet.
  • Myth:  Walking on your carpet with socks or bare feet will keep your carpets cleaner longer.  FALSE, the cotton in socks is a "dust  and dirt magnet", as are the oils on the bottom of your feet.
  • Should you spill something on your carpet, BLOT at the spot - DO NOT rub the spot, as it will spread and further set the stain.
  • Myth:  Cleaning your carpets regularly wears your carpets out.  FALSE: dirt is abrasive and your vacuum can not remove all of the dirt.  Consequently,  as the dirt builds in your carpet, it grinds on the fibers, wearing them down.
  •  Neutralizers:   1 Part Vinegar : 3 Parts Water = Use to neutralize the discoloring effects of urine.   1 Part Ammonia : 3 Parts Water = Use to neutralize the acidic effects of vomit.
  • Use caution when buying over-the-counter "miracle" carpet remedy products!!!  Many of these products can cause more harm  than good, and often contain more fillers than actual cleaning  agents.  Also, know that the dirt/urine/etc needs to be extracted  from your carpet, not just "masked" by some "miracle" product.
  •   Be aware of the type of carpet you  are dealing with!  Please read labels carefully - some products cause bleaching/burning, so be sure to test in an inconspicuous spot.  Different types of carpet (i.e. wool) require different types of treatment.  (e.g. wool requires a LOW to NEUTRAL pH - rated product.  (Any higher can burn carpet fibers).
  •    Powdered deodorizers are a carpet cleaner's nightmare, and only create a better medium for bacteria to grow in as it builds up (the vacuum cleaner never gets it all!!!).
  • Paint spills:  Blot up as much as you can, keep the area moist,         and CALL THE GENIES ASAP!!!!! 
  • Anything liquid with red dyes over a carpet - JUST SAY NO! 
  • MYTH: "I can't have carpet if I have allergies".  Carpets actually act as filters, pulling allergens out of the air. Think of the lint trap on your dryer, when it is full, you need to empty it.  Your carpets are the same; if you do not clean them regularly, they fill up and can no longer pull the allergens from the air (thus allergy problems). With hard wood floors, the dust, dirt and allergens just float around.              

Testimonials: We'll make you believe

  I've  used their service a few times now, and these guys are amazing! We recently spilled a can of paint on a brand new rug.  We were worried that the paint and the stain would not all come up, but the Genies worked their magic and when they were finished it looked like it never even happened.  Wow!  - Sue A., Voorheesville 

   These guys are great!  Always punctual, thorough and professional.  They make every effort to get what they are cleaning to look as good as it possibly can.  They go out of  their way to accommodate their clients - even at the last minute.  - Jerry P., Albany 

 Great service for a reasonable price.  They have done my house and my car.  They do an awesome job; a lot of bang for your buck.          I'd recommend them to anyone.  - Michele A., Watervliet 

 We moved into a house where the prior tenants had dogs.  There were urine stains all over the carpet.  Carpet Genies were able to get rid of the stains and the smell.  Will definitely recommend and use them again.  - John H., Nassau 

 I Have used Carpet Genies for several years now.  I am ALWAYS impressed with their work and professionalism.  - Carol R., Albany 

 I  am consistently pleased with the service that Carpet Genies provides.  They take the time to explain things and answer my questions.  I like that they are punctual and VERY thorough.  I highly recommend them.  - Chris Y., Albany 

 I've had other carpet cleaners in the past.  It seems like they are always in and out quickly and don't seem to put the effort into doing a good job.  Carpet Genies was recommended to me, and I decided to give them a whirl.  They were punctual, professional, and courteous.  They were both thorough and knew what they were doing.  I was very pleased with the way my furniture came out!  I will definitely use them again, and refer them to others.  I am definitely a "satisfied customer".          -Leslie W., Clifton Park 

 My daughter referred me to the "Genies"; she was very pleased with their service.  Billy did a great job!  I had an oriental (family heirloom) that had never been professionally cleaned in OVER 60 YEARS... He made it look wonderful!!!  I had friends  over and they couldn't believe how great it came out.  I'll be         having them back to do more work.  I highly recommend them!          - Charlie H., Delmar 

  Nice guys!  Awesome service!  Fair pricing!  Thorough, yet efficient!  - Jana P., Guilderland 

    My dog LOVES these guys, and that's good enough for me.  - Rachel M., Halfmoon

   Them Genies are GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!  Fast and beautiful work, pet stains are gone, and carpets are like new!  They are also fun to be around.  - Barbara S., Albany 

Earth friendly!

Carpet Genies clean the Earth friendly way.

I "wish" I could get this stain out

Genies make wishes come true!

Ask about our JUST MAGIC product.

It's magic in a bottle and our customers love it!!

Oil. grease, make-up, urine, vomit, ink, cofee, tea, soda, juice and everyday dirt


NO need to remove or to send out!!

 We offer on-location drapery cleaning.  We have a dry cleaning system to clean, sanitize and deodorize—all in one process.  We guarantee no shrinkage.  You may not know this, but drapes are some of the the most abused furnishings in your home or business.  They collect dust, endure ultra violet rays, moisture from windows, are damaged by temperature changes from outdoors and indoors, are blasted with air particles from heating vents and collect odors.  They just hang around waiting for your attention. Our process dries in one hour without removing your drapes. 

It' all about the magic

Pet and child friendly too!

Here at Carpet Genies, we know that children and pets are our greatest we use pet-friendly and earth-friendly products. No worries after we have cleaned your carpets.


Here at Carpet Genies, we use only the best solutions.

Pricing: Fair and Honest...NO HIDDEN FEES!!

  • Room Charge: $35.00 (Excludes, Great rooms, Large open basement areas, or if a room has excessive staining).
  • Pet Treatment: $30 (Could be additional charge if situation is excessive)
  • Carpet Protectant: $10.00 per room.
  • Stairs: $35 (normal set of stairs)
  • Red Dye Removal: $25.00
  • 8x10 Wool Area Rug: $100.00
  • 9x12 Wool Area Rug: $140.00
  • Sofa (Standard): $89.00
  • Chair (standard) $29.00
  • Chair (oversized) $39.00
  • Loveseat: $59.00
  • Sectional: $140.00
  • Ottoman: $10 to 20.00 depending on size.
  • 8x10 Synthetic Area Rug: $25.00
  • 5x7 Synthetic Area Rug: $15.00
  • Estimates: Free (Commercial must be done in person and Residential over the phone)
  • Just Magic Spot Remover: $15.00 per bottle

Free Services

OH YES... We offer FREE sanitizing, deodorizing, color brightening, fiber conditioner, spotting, stain removal (unless excessive), mildew control and pre-spraying.  Naturally, we offer free estimates and information. 

New Customers

Calling for the first time?  Let us know you got us from this website and you will get a 10 percent discount!

Car interiors...Yes we can!!

Not only can we clean the upholstery in your car. but we have done boats and campers too!!